Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Generations: Deluxe Class Drift

After for a really long time, i finally bought Drift :D . was expecting a united version but hey!. it's better than nothing lol.  found this figure at Time Machine at Bejaya Time Square :D all the rares >w<.
so i'll just make a short review for it, was suppose to do reviews for FOC Starscream,Delta Gundam Kai and Blurr.. been kinda lazy now a days to take snapshots(but still can take toy photography :P). 
Fun fact: Drift was an ex-Decepticon and previously named as Deadlock.

been playing with the toy for awhile now and i must say, that it is really a good figure, and also comic accurate. downside well is the sword >,> rubber plastic-ish.. due to.. .safety of children from hasbro >,>. apparently i don't have the Battle Tanker Katana with me at the moment so i'll have to deal with this one for the timing :L.
i like the feature of the toy on how it represents a samurai with the colours and armor and stuff xD.
as much as i love this figure, i kinda dislike the rear view :L but this figure is gonna face forward anyways 


for drift's weapons, he holds the Swordo no Dorift no which i think it's called, but the Americans called it the Great Sword. so Japs is the Swordo no DOriftno~. also he carries to mini blades or knives. hmm  If i'm not mistaken the Botcon Shattered Glass Drift has pistols accessories but if you don't want to spend 500RM over ringgit over a deluxe exclusive figure, i suggest Blurr :L.  one thing is i really wish Hasbro could make the Katana's Handle solid plastic instead molding the whole thing with rubber plastic :L

also the side skirts are places to store the knives while for the katana is at the back.

Poses and Articulations

The shoulders runs on Ball Joint, elbows and hands are swivel joint, does not have waist articualtion
thighs are on ball joint with some swivel for some poseable movements, i really wish hasbro could give the feet swivel+Ball joint like Laser Optimus -_-"
for drift's poses, you will have to rely by shifting the shoulder pads for more movements and gimmicks.

Vehicle mode

love the vehicle mode, pretty slick Japanese sports car :3. with the spoireersss hue..
i might want to paint the exhaust pipes with some grey.. it's too white :v. 

and i'm still waiting for grimlock.. huhuhu.. them feels ;__;


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