Monday, February 27, 2012

Deluxe Class WFC: Soundwave

After for sometime.. I have Finally succeeded on getting this Soundwave. I like this version. Alot.. much better than Micheal Bay's Version =/. designs for this SOundwave is really nice which got me into buying this hehe. now for this version of Soundwave, this one is a Triple changer. Before taking snapshots on soundwave.. i did a little weathering on him.. sadly my silver was not strong enough >_<. need a new one... grrrr.. but i managed to dry brush it with some black paint
WHy did i say he's a triple changer?
maybe this will answer your question
First transformation 1: RObot mode
he has a rocket pod on he's right shoulder

great articulations. ball joint feet and hips, Hands can turn360º 
he's chest piece is able to open. no.. not adding the cassettes
Refers to*: Frenzy, RUmble, Laserbeak, Ravage and Ratbat
(there are more.. but kinda forgotten)
he needs a third party cassette sets =/ but i don't think they're able to fit inside because the gap is kinda small
reason why he can't have the cassettes inside is that this stores in the weapons.

2nd Phase: Vehicle Mode

THe cybertronian armored vehicle for soundwave is not bad though.

there peg holes to add he's weapons

Final Phase: BoomBox mode
Here's his 3rd Formation. how Soundwave suppose to be 
a Boombox
Let's Boogie xD 
hope i could really get more decepticons.. hehe got poisoned by couple of transformers. xD
HailStorm looks poisoning . .. also hopes for the shop to sell G1 Thundercracker and G1 Skywarp.. ma Starscream is lonely.. :foreveralone: Bahahahahahhahahahhaha time to expand my Decepticon Army!!

That's the end of the post =)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Transformers United: Warpath (Deluxe class)

Here's my Review for Transformers United Deluxe class Warpath
my first United Version actually (Still considered Takara Tomy).
the difference between this Japanese Version and Hasbro is that its missing KA-POW and KA-800M decals on the sides of the wheel.
Worth Buying and  No Regrets for this guy =) what i need are more Decepticons ... >_< ah well.. since the fall of Cybertron figures are coming. then i shall get Bruticus >:D 
BUt this is really a great Figurine (if you love All Transformers)
Missile on the right shoulder shoots
Great Articulations though.
sadly it doesn't have waist articulations..

Tank Mode
Design for he's Tank Mode is really nice.
not so sure why must warpath must have such a long missile = =

That's the end of the POst =)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

MechaXkamen rider 2nd Anniversary

Today is the 2nd Anniversary For my blog :D but  for some reason this feels like i've blogged for 3 years LOLz XD . so now my blog is 2 Years OLD :D. was thinking to change theme again for the blog's template.. but i'm kinda lazy which apparently i've been really lazy nowadays.. sigh* little bit tired after Photoshooting and Videoshooting of my old  school.. ><

also bought myself a new HG Kit =) 
so makes this one my First Gunpla for 2012 :))
poisoned by other Gunplas as well XD can't wait to build this kit and repaint  him to Nemesis Prime Color. Yes Nemesis Prime :3 maybe some extra mods bahahahahahhaha

starting the WIPS tomorrow because i didn't bring my Hobby TOols with me.
EPic Failed =3=" ah well .

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Alteisen Riese Completed

Finished Building this Kit :3.. well.. only Building xD haven't finish painting the Wings on the Shoulders =3. this is  also My 2nd  Kotobukiya Kit
Okay.. Here's my review for this Kit. This is really a GReat KIT! and Worth paying 200RM for :3 so far Nothing Broke WHile Building this Model kit :D unlike the Gespenst =3=. what he needs now is Rein Weisstter for a Partner :D .

Here's Pictures of The Alteisen Riese

Post Reupdated .. Managed to Upload the Photos In :)..
Any who.. THis is really a great Kit :) dissapointment..hmmmmm well its the skirt.. kinda hard to pose.. with skirt that gives it Limitless Articulations =/ just the sides of the skirts..sigh*.. if i wanna glue it i'll have to think twice =(
that's the end Of the POst +3

Monday, February 6, 2012

WFC Optimus Prime

Finally got this Badass Optimus Prime >:D yes.. after a year on Hunting this Badboy i finally got him. well i actually got him from TOys R Us.. probably he's one of the most exp i've spent among my TFs xD not even the Takara Tomy Air Raid Cost more than him xD .
He's from the set Rage For Cybertron Set which came along with BumbleBee and Megatron but i'm not posting them :P.
Objective was to make it Takara ish.. somehow it didn't happened..ah well.. maybe the next time :P
so Anyways. Here it goes.. this is a Really nice Figurine that Decided to add more weapons to him and Was thinking (for FUture plans) to build up one Cybertronian Convoy For  Optimus Prime :D
Repainted the Yellow parts on the chest and skirt area cuz i didn't like the yellow XP. Here's a Comparison in Vehicle Mode

Lets Start off with His Robot Mode:\

Articulations for this Optimus Prime is well.. Okay I guess? Legs are ball joints so i like that 
Hands can turn 360º. He just doesn't have waist Articulations due to the chest piece that has to be connected to a peg in the frames

Heavy weapons Mode:

why i named it Heavy Weapons? cuz With the extra Peg Holes he has i've decided to add some weapons from the other Transformers to him ;D 

Vehicle Mode.
I love he's Vehicle mode. i think its a Cybertonian Armored Truck? car?. ah well. Its really a Great kit
No Regrets on him ;D can't wait for this year's FOC Figurines >:D 

The paint scrapped off =3=" gonna repaint that later ;)
There's a Peg Hole where u place the Gun as a Turret =3

That's the end of the post. Wait for my StopMotion Video on Transforming the Optimus Prime ;) so stay Tune