Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photobooth MK III

Simple Cheap and absolutely Recyclable that i've decided to remake the photobooth. old one was okay.. but i had to lie down to take photo and never got a chance to use the tripod :|. so now i've made one near my Desktop and it's easier for take a snapshots of my Kits and go to my desktop faster XD.
and also to have the same height as my Tripod, i placed on a printer and a box.. also my old Scrap book

what are the items used?
Table lamp and Ceiling lights
Unused canvas and Black Mounting Board(need a bigger one)
sometimes i use paper or mirror to reflect the lights
and my old College Scrapbook as the base.

gonna tidy the desktop again =="

Here's some of my photos that i've taken off by using the new photobooth
Isos were set 100-200
apertures f9-f10
and Selftimer mode

did a small experiment tonight.
without the Ceiling light i just used the table Lamp
and with the same camera Settings

Saturday, June 16, 2012

RG1/144 Gundam MKII Aeug

Finally Bought the Real Grade 1/144 and completed Building the Gundam MK II AEUG Color.
and i must say that this is one of the best RGs so far in the RG line. i find this one much better though. Love the details on the MK II really Impressed with it. I would Rate this kit for 10/10 Points.
I have not place any decals on it though just wanna make a quick review. SOrry for not posting any WIP post on it though.

Hopes for mORe RGs :D i would like to see a Transformable Real Grade ;) Wing Zero or Zeta Gundam Would be awesome XD

Credits to for the Inner Frames
I RIKE it 8D 

Pros:Great Details, Great Articulations, Parts doesn't come off, Stands still
Cons: the Strings -_-"

Front View
Rear View

Love the Joints on the frames :D
Hyper Bazooka
Hyper Bazooka Ammo pack
Beam Rifle Ammo pack (there's more just lazy to cut them out )
Movable Fingers (because the other one being used to hold the gun)
Open Hand

SUPER LOVE THE ARTICULATIONS FOR GUndam MK II and also makes a Good Desktop Model ;)

Find it weird with a 1/100 Beam saber o_O

 I' would consider this model kit. A MUST GET and MUST BUILD :D 

That's the end of the POst
THank You For Viewing ;)

Monday, June 4, 2012

HG AGE1/144 Gundam AGE-3 Normal

My forth AGE series in my collection :) don't collect much hehehe. can't wait for the Orbital and Fortress AGE-3 :3 supa sexay Armors *3*. for my post on Gundam AGE-3. I just Straight build it. didn't do any spray painting on it. not really in the mood on spray painting and tomorrow starts my first day in Raffles college. so its back to square one again ._." Remembered when everyone used to complain about this design as they prefer the first leaked version. i'de say both are nice.
for my view I love this Mobile Suite. Not very bulky its just nice :3 compared to the ZZ i'de like this :3(still respects the UC Lines)

Front view.

Rear view


you can have beam sabers popping out from the Shield areas. like Seravee
one thing that made me buy this is the big ass gun.

Core Fighter & G-Preceptor

did a docking pose XD 

Well' i think that wrapped up the post on AGE-3. in Conclusion. this is really a great Kit ^^ worth paying 34Dollars for in singapore where there's a singapore sale 8D so grab it noW!!!!!!!!
well even Malaysia has it. lol not much of difference. Wanna go GBWC in KL.. but i've got Class.. Y they no extend their event on all over  malaysia T^T"