Thursday, March 31, 2011

damn... i had my hair cut =="

Other pics coming soon...

will put other pics soon.. once i  get back to my other house.. (no i'm not rich).. so i can post up Fighting Scenes for Gunplas.. hehe like always do. Click Here, the pics will be posted up on my Blog and on Facebook. so if want to see me.. juz add me to your blog list. Copy and Paste this to add me. If you want to add me on facebook this is the link Click Here for my Facebook.
Finally he's out of the house XD.. i can enjoy myself with HEavy Rock songs >:)
watched Super Robot Wars The Inspector Episode 25..  LOVE IT ^~^.. can't wait for a few more eps.. so good.. makes me wanna buy the model kits.. sad they're expensive than gunplas =<
haiz... another boring day =3=

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the new template is easy to use now =) gonna get use to it.. by opening 3 tabs.. for Post, checking and Facebook

Arios Type G Part III Full Review

Flight Mode though it does look like a beetle crusher.. hehe

My Drill Is My soul

posting here should be easier

New Template

Testing out the new Templates... and i'm trying to get use to it.. posting ain't easy no more =/... cuz the "new Post" button is not there.. So if you wanna follow and add me to your links.. please Copy my Blog Link Click here. click the Address code..

MG Freedom Gundam (edited Picture)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

YAY! FINALLY HAVE THE MG Freedom GUndam >:D... even though i was so close in getting  the MG cyclone Joker .. sad my said no... and i was like  Wuuuh.. =<