Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Achievements

well 2011 is ending in a matter of Hours. so i've decided to post all the stuff i've achieved for this year ^^ so far. i've got more than 2010 though bwahahahha maybe that included a New Camera & Transformers coming in xD . Can't put them in Sequence because i've forgotten which came in first during the first few months in 2011 xD . lazy to count down..  i'm already snoring at that period of time. :3

Really had a Great Year. But i still miss 2008-2010. Those were like the awesome years of my life xD .

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MG Figure-Rise Kamen Rider W. Cyclone Metal & HeatJoker

Here's the post for 2 Kamen rider Combos. Cyclone Metal and Heat Joker. Original they used to be Cyclone Joker and Heat Metal. But i decided to swap parts ;). the gradient sticker showing for the Gaia Memory must be changed. got this guy yesterday when i was in singapore for awhile xD . was suppose to take Kamen Rider 1 the Black version.. but heat metal poisoned me xD. sadly i don't know how to paint metallic colors for cyclone,Metal and heat =/

Articulations are all the same for all MG Figure-Rise so nothing to say about it ^^.. Sometimes i wish these MG-Figure-Rise Kamen Riders could come with the Special Effects part for Trigger Shooting or Metal swings.. Joker Extreme kicks.. or something like that...

i'll Start off with Cyclone Metal:

Now Its the Heat Joker:

Gotta Photoshop this pic to have the Flaming effect xD

Gaia Memory for the beetle
It Hooks up to the  MEtal Shaft
 here's the Stag Beetle Gadget.. also a Handphone.. Very unique.. ^^
That's the End of the post ^^
Wonder Who to get next?