Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MG Banshee Gundam Completed

After for 2 weeks, I have Finally Completed building my MG Banshee Unicorn Gundam. Was a tiring build (well for me) and is the first master grade among my MG collections that ever got painted :3 usually i straight build only.
Finally get to post up the review. sorry i couldn't use a stand through out the whole picture because I kinda lost the peg holder =="
well the first picture well that was before :P

Front View (destroy mode)
Rear View
FrontView (Unicorn Mode)

Rear View

so anyways.  i kinda enjoyed paint building this kit. Not Much a difference between the Unicorn Gundam And Banshee. just the colors, Face plate(unicorn mode), V FIns and weapons.
I was thinking that this would also come with spare parts of the MAgnum Beam Rifle and the Hyper Bazooka like High Grade Banshee Gundam. sadly it  didn't come with it. just the shield Piece.
Too Compare this Master Grade Banshee and HGUC Banshee. I still prefer the High Grade as it looks slimmer and not too bulky. This one is well its not bad. but with the extensions makes Banshee Rather bulky.
Also it comes with an Extra V Fins set for this Model kit like Unicorn. You either choose the ones you remove and replace or Foldable V Fins. for the sake of my safety i decided to use removable V Fins

well did an experiment to compare with an MG Figure Rise :3

as for the Unicorn mode he's slightly short
but in Destroy mode well.. :closeenough: jpg

what are the downsides to this model kit?
well seems the weapons are heavy for the arms to support so the peg can't hold it well
some the armor plates fall off easily
the left leg sometimes pop off easily

On the Bright Side. This Model kit has quite a number for articulation Poses. movable mg fingers.

so first he part of the review i'll start off with the Unicorn Mode

articulated fingers :3
now unlike the HGUC u have take out and replace it
for this MG Version You just gotta fold it :)

leg joint can't move much though for the Unicorn mode :|

And now for the destroy mode

DId small macro shot test on the decals on the shoulders :3

Love the VN Weapon for Banshee
for he's claw? well i prefer the HGUC size its not so bulky like MG
compared to the double beam saber on the wrists i also prefer the HGUC
because the one on right side looks kinda silly
while the left arm is just perfect

For my taste. Well i'll give the This GUndam Model an 8 out of 10. features and everything is nice. but i just find it a little too tall and slightly bulky. (well maybe its just me. Don't know what do you guys think?)
Do Leave a comment on what's Your opinion on the MG Banshee?

Thanks For viewing hoped you enjoyed the post ^^

Monday, May 28, 2012

MG1/100 Banshee Gundam WIP08

not doing this on purpose or anything. seems really delaying my progress on my Banshee Model kit
weather hasn't been good for the past few days.. grrrrrrr
sorry for the delays anyways.. i can only do its feets..

did some sanding for the back feet. and managed to spray before it became cloudy and dull

Updating this blog post
Sun has Returned and did a quick spray for the armor parts
 also sprayed the leg frames
sprayed the 2nd batch

Thursday, May 24, 2012

MG Banshee Gundam WIP07

another update on my Banshee. finally finished the waist and the shoulder piece.
now all its left now is are the feet. once they're done. do some spot checking or some touch ups i'll start reviewing it. with no pOnies :P

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

MG1/100 Banshee Gundam WIP06

Here's another updated post for the MG Banshee Gundam. so far managed to finish the left arm. slow because i went out to buy flat black spray. mine was depleting xD
. so managed to finish spraying and building the parts before the sunlight would go away xD
was really windy today though >_<

gotta love the big ass claw 8)