Sunday, December 22, 2013

Real Grade (RG) 1/144 Build Gundam MK II

Hey Peeps what's Up?! I haven't touched this blog in awhile now due to being busy with assignments and just lazy to post lol, other than that i've been mostly active on tumblr so if you wish to follow me on tumblr is this HERE

Anyways moving on to the main topic which I will be mostly be posting about teh MK 2 :3
just very simple minor mods from the HG Build Gundam MK II and just placed in onto the RG kit.

Thanks to ZD(Ariff) I was relieved that the backpack and the weapons can be placed onto the RG
How I placed The chest piece on to the chest? (LOL -_-)
hm sorry didn't take a snap shot on it lelele forgot lol
i just cut out the middle part of between the vents and thankfully the triangular armor piece fits in just nicely
for the vents i just cut out the extra pegs (if only i could drill holes to make peg holes for it ;__; no drill not wow) and just cement it over so it's gawna be there like FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRR

So here's the overall look of the kit both front and Back view

for the gun over here doesn't really go through the peg hole though , it just leaves a small gap but it's not big deal may i could just shave off or cut out a little bit of it 

it can still pose as usual not much downsides or flaws to it though, hmm didn't do much though xD because i left some of the RG accessories at my other house =3= derped 
but yeah, this all i have to say for this add on :3 maybe i could use the extra parts from the HG for something else in the future ;) don't wanna waste though hehe 

The post for this nigga swhoon ;)


  1. Don't your Mk.II tilt backwards ? I had this problem as well.

    Owh the head piece fits there nicely, unlike mine sadly...

    Side vent isn't align well I see ?

    1. hmm yes the vent had alignment problem though lel don't think can adjust anymore ^^""""

      and yes it tilts backwards , guess it was heavy for the waist i guess

  2. how did you attach the build booster mk-ii to the backpack