Sunday, January 13, 2013

Transformers United: Ultramagnus

Finally found the classics Ultramagnus(asia exclusive from Takara) which i bought from this place call 1Toys in Amm Corp Mall Putrajaya. I must say that Takara did a  good job painting Ultramagnus full white like the G1 Ultramagnus. Wanted to review this after getting the City Commander set but i got ripped off :L so i had to switch to United Beast Megatron (might not do a post on that one~~)

except this one was very g1 Optimus like hehe twins lol xD

this was supposed to be posted last week after returning to Johor . but i came back to johor to pack up my stuff since now i'm moving up to KL. (because studying~~~)

so i'll just do a short post for UM.
Gotta say i really like the design of Ultramagnus and  he's quite big for a voyager :3
Didn't take any snapshots to compare sizes >_<. but you'll get the idea :3

Personal favourites to this figure. is his Light Piping. it's not as strong as TF:P RUmble i have. but maybe it's the light source..

When i first saw the figure in the internet. i thought it was a very stiff figure like it can't move much and doing the waist articulation i had to rely on his chest piece.. but never knew he had waist articulation which runs on a swivel joint :3 pretty clever.
he only have 2 weapons. ~~~ his Hood or backpack turns into a gun and the exhaust pipes from the truck becomes a rifle too

they even gave the instructions stating that you can combine the weapons together to have some sort of shoulder or head cannon? i suppose. but i prefer him holding them lol
i kinda not like this gun so much ~~ (too me that is) that's why when i do photography with this figure i hardly use this gun XD

i like his vehicle mode . especially the front bumper. OMFG Chrome finish *A* really love it. 

Another thing i don't like about this Optimus Prime body are the Hands :L. they look pretty cheap like very 1980 Toy Ish~~ i'm just saiyan but the whole figure is nice

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