Saturday, June 16, 2012

RG1/144 Gundam MKII Aeug

Finally Bought the Real Grade 1/144 and completed Building the Gundam MK II AEUG Color.
and i must say that this is one of the best RGs so far in the RG line. i find this one much better though. Love the details on the MK II really Impressed with it. I would Rate this kit for 10/10 Points.
I have not place any decals on it though just wanna make a quick review. SOrry for not posting any WIP post on it though.

Hopes for mORe RGs :D i would like to see a Transformable Real Grade ;) Wing Zero or Zeta Gundam Would be awesome XD

Credits to for the Inner Frames
I RIKE it 8D 

Pros:Great Details, Great Articulations, Parts doesn't come off, Stands still
Cons: the Strings -_-"

Front View
Rear View

Love the Joints on the frames :D
Hyper Bazooka
Hyper Bazooka Ammo pack
Beam Rifle Ammo pack (there's more just lazy to cut them out )
Movable Fingers (because the other one being used to hold the gun)
Open Hand

SUPER LOVE THE ARTICULATIONS FOR GUndam MK II and also makes a Good Desktop Model ;)

Find it weird with a 1/100 Beam saber o_O

 I' would consider this model kit. A MUST GET and MUST BUILD :D 

That's the end of the POst
THank You For Viewing ;)


  1. absolutely agree, this is a great kit !!! though i would prefer it with the Titans color scheme (too much white here and there is annoying for me)... i really don’t know when i would have time to build and paint one of my kits =/ i’m a really busy guy =(

  2. @chris: Thanks :D maybe planning on getting the TITANS color too xD can have both MK ii XD . I'm Suppose to be busy with my college but i keep goofing off ><

  3. Hell yeah! Incredible articulation, no loose parts, this the perfect RG so far! XD

    By the way, nice blog :). Thanks for putting my blog on your blog list, I've put yours on mine too :).

  4. YUP YUP Articulations is Simple Perfect 8D but i some how lost one of the thrusters T_T"
    No Problem 8)