Monday, June 4, 2012

HG AGE1/144 Gundam AGE-3 Normal

My forth AGE series in my collection :) don't collect much hehehe. can't wait for the Orbital and Fortress AGE-3 :3 supa sexay Armors *3*. for my post on Gundam AGE-3. I just Straight build it. didn't do any spray painting on it. not really in the mood on spray painting and tomorrow starts my first day in Raffles college. so its back to square one again ._." Remembered when everyone used to complain about this design as they prefer the first leaked version. i'de say both are nice.
for my view I love this Mobile Suite. Not very bulky its just nice :3 compared to the ZZ i'de like this :3(still respects the UC Lines)

Front view.

Rear view


you can have beam sabers popping out from the Shield areas. like Seravee
one thing that made me buy this is the big ass gun.

Core Fighter & G-Preceptor

did a docking pose XD 

Well' i think that wrapped up the post on AGE-3. in Conclusion. this is really a great Kit ^^ worth paying 34Dollars for in singapore where there's a singapore sale 8D so grab it noW!!!!!!!!
well even Malaysia has it. lol not much of difference. Wanna go GBWC in KL.. but i've got Class.. Y they no extend their event on all over  malaysia T^T"


  1. I love it! Gundam Age has a lot of cool gundams I have to say. The only thing that's turning people off off the anime is because of the main character. They're kids but I think age is awesome.

  2. @Bryan: Thanks:) and yea GUndam AGE now is pretty good now.hmmmm main character is not bad though. though he needs more common sense XD