Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair 
Warm smell of colitas rising up through the air 
Up ahead in the distance I saw a shimmering light 
My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim 
I had to stop for the night 
There she stood in the doorway, I heard the mission bell 
Then I was thinking to myself this could be Heaven or this could be Hell 
Then she lit up a candle and she showed me the way 
There were voices down the corridor I thought I heard them say 
"Welcome to the Hotel California 
bunch of noob fags

Mod of the GNHW Sword put to the test

Thursday, February 24, 2011

the 00 Raiser MG Close up look

In a Micheal Jackson Mood.. lolz


FUCK!!! Battery was dead...... Now the power is Back on.. and have 2 restart the F8cking thing a AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! SCREW YOU TNB!!!!!!! Wish u were reading this..and from my BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
damn.. have to use my mom's mini notebook..then have 2 go out and buy the Illustrator.. =="
Feeeuuww.. what a relief ..manage to finish some of the assignments.... the art part not finished  yet..maybe i'll do it during the 1hr break..i'll just tell the dudes i'm not going out for lunch today
manage to finish a bit of it XD

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Line is just Temporarily fast

Another BArney Stinson Moment

There are few greater joys in life than earning a living side by side with a bro-worker. Just ask Han Solo and Chewbacca: flying around the galaxy on the occasional smuggling run and trolling bars for multi-boobed space chicks the rest of the time? That's the dream. Unfortunately, it seems most terrestrial companies frown upon bro-workers in the workplace since studies have shown that awesomeness hinders productivity. Thanks, studies!

To protect your special bro-worker relationship you're going to need to tone down the bro. Here are a few simple survival strategies:


Bros need a place to hang out, away from the prying eyes of the boss. Here's a step by step guide to the perfect bro-quarters:

• Fire a mid-level executive. They serve no purpose and their offices tend to have decent square footage.

• Keep the mid-level executive's assistant on the payroll. He/she (but shoot for a "she") can serve as gatekeeper to the bro-quarters while performing other vital functions such as ensuring that all video game controllers are fully-charged.

• Replace the office furniture with the essentials: pool table, big screen TV, super sweet Murphy bed that chicks pretend is tacky but secretly they dig it, etc.

• Come up with a "secret knock."

* NOTE: Not to be confused with the existing secret knock you tell the hot secretary on the 2nd floor to use, or your other "secret knock" - the hot secretary on the 5th floor. Hey-yo!

• Exit strategy. If your boss discovers your bro-quarters simply pin it on the mid-level executive you fired. In fact, this is exactly the sort of juvenile chicanery that forced you to fire him in the first place.


When bros hang, alcohol is involved 83% of the time. That's just science. And you can't let employment get in the way of science.

• Avoid the lunchtime liquor pound. Too many margaritas at Senor Guapo's equals puking on your boss's shoes.

• Implement the slow burn. Start the day with a breakfast toast then meet up on the roof throughout the day for "coffee" breaks. A good rule of thumb is one drink for every business-related email you send throughout the day, or roughly one drink every 2-3 hours.

• Purchase or construct a hide-a-bar. Make sure it blends in with your office. While old standbys like filing cabinets and oversized globes have stood the test of time, don't be afraid to get creative. I once worked with a guy who converted his radiator into a fully-operational ten bottle booze dispenser. He could whip up a Long Island Iced Tea without taking his feet off the desk. Tragically, he died in an office fire.
the Green Marker is freaking WIcked!!!!!!!!! XD
Boy: It's you & me..
Girl: Aww..
Boy: Baby it's destiny..
Girl: AWWWW!
Boy: Oooh Your my Best Friend..
Girl: Aww..So cute..
Boy: In a World We Must Defend.. 
Girl: What?
Girl: ....
YAy 2 markerz!!!!
the new photo viewer totally suck balls XP
How am i gonna do a background for the fighting scene between Unicorn and Sinanju? =/..... Need help though huhuhuhuhuhuhuhhu..maybe black background.. ..i need  a photoroom of my own
i hate it when this bloody line is slow which caused my blog to be slow =,=

Saturday, February 19, 2011

so many mecha show's lined up.. and i can't watch ehm... Its this bloody Broadband =_=.GO TA HELL!!!

what barney Stinson said :)

Here are ten other instances in which it may appear that a girl is uninterested, but is actually just playing "hard-to-get."

1. If she tells you she's "married."
This is chick-code for "I haven't done it in months, take me now."

2. If you're blocking her path to the bathroom and she says, "Pardon me."
Take away the P, A, R, and N and you have "Do me." It doesn't get much clearer than that. She wants you to join her in stall #3.

3. If she slaps you.
You know what they say: any physical contact is good contact. Be sure to establish a "safe word" beforehand. I recommend "help!"

4. If she insists the bouncers escort you out of the bar.
She wants to get you away from her friends and have you all to herself.

5. If she's eating pretzels.
Wants you to wrap her legs up in knots. Duh.

6. If the email she gives you ends with
She wants your junk, not your junk mail. No post-coital conversation required.

7. If she refuses your offer to buy her a drink.
She wants you to buy her dinner instead – in which case, bail. That's way too much effort when there's probably a girl nearby eating pretzels.

8. If she doesn't answer your phone calls.
She's letting your calls go to voicemail so she can listen to your voice over and over and over again. She horny!

9. If she's buttoning up her jacket and turning her body away from you.
She's teasing you by covering up her heaving bosom.

10. If she pulls you aside and says, "Seriously. You need to stop stalking me. You've been creeping me out all night. I'm about to call the cops."
Wink! It doesn't get much "harder to get" than that.
the first 3 pics..tat i uploaded is just for the timing. (Not Gonna remove or watevr)... till i get the camera back..then the clear ones will be uploaded on Facebook and this Blog

2nd Battle scene with the lousy camera =,=

Gunpla Projects coming soon

  • Red Avalanche
  • MG EXia R2
  • Zabanya with extra Shield Bits
  • Avalanche Parts for 00 Kaiser

Learn CHinese in 5mins!!

Learn Chinese in 5 minutes! (say it out loud ;D ) 

1. Thats not right 
(Sum Ting Wong) 

2. See me ASAP 
(Kum Hia Nao) 

3. Small horse 
(Tai Ni Po Ni) 

4. You need a facelift 
(Chin tu fat) 

5. I thought you were on a diet 
(Wai Yu Mun Ching) 

6. He's cleaning the car 
(Wa Shing Ka) 

7. Your body odour is offensive 
(Yu Stin Ki Pu) 

8. This is a tow away zone 
(No Pah King) 

9. Great! 
(Fa Kin Su Pah)
today.. there was a talk.. from this dude... Yoki CHin.. talking about all those films, graphics..... and Special effects.. blah blah blah... it was good... though...XD others were... nvm haahha XD

Friday, February 18, 2011

there goes my saturday -_-

Why must my Saturday be gone........ >~<''' if don't go.. Class will Fail... Damn with their Threatening Theories... huhu...
made an awesome fighting scene pose of Sinanju and Unicorn... if only i have my cam along =/
wants some tacos =3

I can only show this Review Of Sinanju.. Sinanku Vs Unicorn

WOOO HOOOO Finally grown sideways XD
just one more part to finish XD

Thursday, February 17, 2011


sigh*.....SPM results are coming... Fail lah Fail... i don't really expect much anyways.... i'm more likely an Idiot... .. fail fail.... Can't do anything about it..... not gonna retake again....... cuz i'm not gonna Fucking take fucking BM and Fucking History.... Fuck THese 2 Subjects.... Agama Fail... Maths..maybe... A MAths... Down down..... Science........ Eng......... Acc.. Fail fail....
sigh* =_=.. Line was good... then it became slow =_=
i think its a bit slow..cuz sharing... talk about wifi.. sharing makes it slower.. lol -_-
wifi..but still slow =,=
using wifi.... waiting for pass the time..watching Dancougar nova XD

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

woooHOO!!! YEAH!! GOT SINANJU HGUC 1/144..XD Can't wait 2 fix it XD
Pressure is oN!!
You Bring me to the cinema..i will run off..if you bring me to the Cyber Cafe I'll stay =)

awww =3 meow

Unicorn Gundam.. Ready for Transformation

Celcom Broadband... i feel like KILLING YOU RITE NOW!
mom went off to singapore with her friend (meeting of course) lets hope she brings back a Gunpla... but i can't hope to much.. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu.. HOPE HOPE!!! XD
SLOW SLOW!!!!!!!!! SO HARD TO POST!! >< keeps signing me out.... XP
SLOW SLOW!!!!!!!!! SO HARD TO POST!! >< keeps signing me out.... XP

SLow line ..... can't post... wth... keeps signing me out

SLow line ..... can't post... wth... keeps signing me out

00 Quant and 00 Kaiser

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the line was so freakkin good when watching my anime...then after watching the anime... the line BEcame slow... i was WTF?!!
I'll Keep You Alive if you show me the way...Forever and Ever where the stars remain
YES! finally get to watch my SHOWS!! after Dancougar..gonna finish Watching Linebarrel and then its Gaiking follow up by Kotetsu Shin JEEG!! ALL THE MECHA SHOWS!!!!!!
the line was fast...then it went slow... wtf.. X_X

(.Y.) ;)

The Titanium StarFighter Diecast

damn u animax.. wth with the Korean Dramas.. for God's Sake..its Animax.. as J cultures..not  K... u can put them in KBS... WTF FUCK YOU ASTRO!!

hehe eric sleeping in the bus

New Mod on the weapons ..GUNDAM GUY!! AND DC23 MECH SEE THISXD is it Okay?

i used GN Shield bits from Cherudim GNHW.. so now it has 3 FUnctions, Shield , Funnel and a Blade

Monday, February 14, 2011

aaaa..finally..back.... after looooooooooooooooooooooooong hrs during art class.... i tot basic drawing is..just basic Drawing..but it wasn't... have the do Sketching ...i had to draw what's infront of me.. the art lecturer is a nice man.. kinda remind me of Mr Edward..well tomorrow no class and wednesday..have to see what's on thursday
hooray.. i think by this week i can finish my work on the dots..woohoo!! then probably learn new things.. another hr and its the basic drawing class.. 2morw no class..and wednesday too...then Thursday and Friday  X_X...nah its okay i'm used to it.. its like school..but have 2 go home at 4pm.. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu >~<
post no. 69 ;)

why Being single is Awesome XD

best thing about being single is ...
Saves Money
No need 2 watch Crappy movies
More Stuff For you
blogging, working,,fbing,,,musicing..and the same time lOLZ

Friday, February 11, 2011

You are my only Exception

hehe ;)

was at jusco... saw the PG Rx78 Gundam Special Edition Gundam 30th Anniversary Edition. saw the price was like RM999.90.. LOL SF PG here Costs more than the PG RX 78
22 minutes ago ·  · 
  • Ryan Lee likes this.
    • Kay Stevenson I saw HG Dendrobium in Penang Queensbay for RM 1400, PG Zeta RM 1110. SO, PG Strike FReedom will be around RM 1300. =.=; Crap. I saw HG Meteor RM 500, i ask why so expensive, they say it is rare, but i can get from gwing on9 for rM 300. ==;
      19 minutes ago ·  ·  2 people
    • Khaidir Semail HG meteor online is way cheaper (still expensive) its like 300+ in i knw PGs are Big..... so..expensive >~<
      18 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person
    • Kay Stevenson Meteor used to cost around RM 300-400. Some places are still at this price, which is acceptable to me considering the size. RM 500? No way.
      12 minutes ago · 
    • Khaidir Semail Dendrobium is one of the most Expensive HGs lolz
      12 minutes ago · 
    • Ivan Shinn Aska buy it
      8 minutes ago · 
    • Kay Stevenson It is still the most expensive gunpla now, more expensive than PG Strike Freedom (28,000yen +)
      8 minutes ago · 
    • Khaidir Semail ‎@Ivan: no money to buy that liao.. need avalanche Exia HG
      @Kay: agreed..heaven know why is it expensive.. like the GN Armor with Dynames cost like Rm330.90
      7 minutes ago · 
    • Kay Stevenson Wut? My GN Armor type E + Exia only cost RM 195. Dynames i dont have, but i can get it for RM 180+.
      6 minutes ago · 
    • Kay Stevenson I mean, GN Armor type D + Dynames
      5 minutes ago · 
    • Khaidir Semail Walao wei. ur side is cheaper >~<
      4 minutes ago ·