Friday, April 29, 2011

Sigh* tomorrow there's class :( my Saturday... GONE T^T.. cuz then i have BM tuition =_="
Fuck OFF! which i manage to separate the fingers nyahahahahahha Risky.. but it was a Dare >:D

Fang JOker Part 2

 This 2nd review is nuthing much.. juz took have shots of Fang Joker... even though it's not really good shots :( cuz i was moving and shacking too much :(

HG 1/144 Harute Review

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Print Screening moments

Epic Fail

3K Comments =_=

Hatsune Miku Chrome theme but this is to show my FB lack :P

My Chrome Theme

Finally finished Harute HG... Will Upload on my blog and Facebook :D

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MG Figurise 1/8 Kamen Rider Fang Joker Review Part 1

Gaia Memory Drives

cmon cmon... i wanna finish fixing Fang Joker ><"

82% in Progress

the Fang Joker is still under construction. No Pics yet for this post :P. till i finish class around 12.30pm i'll go straight home (duh) and finish building up mr Fang Joker

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cmon time.. reach to 1500 faster because i really want to build my Fang Joker ><

Monday, April 25, 2011

2 Loots for ME after a long day in Singapore

hhaaaaaaaaa . its good to be home...back in JB.... Bought lots of stuff.. got a new bag, New Vans Shoes, Shirts and other stuff.hahaha ..oh and i also got these 2.nyahahahah FInallya i have my FIrst KAmen RIder W

No mercy..

Waka... gonna do comicz today :) gonna do Super Robot wars OG comicz since i have the comic strips from Dengeki Hobby.. ahahahahahahhaha lol
quick quick!! i wanna go Singapore
YAY!!!!! going to singapore after class...WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! hope i can get 2 MGs  :) MG red Frame Kai and DeathScythe hell custom MG >:D... or mif they don't have ehm i can get Rx 78 Gundam ver2.0hahahahahahahahahaha wakakamakakakakkakakak... we'll just have too see the results

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Been extremely bored for these past few days.... like i've been online like every 2 hours =_=" which it is so f*cking hard to get offf the computer ><""
Not try to bad to my own Sis... but u sure u speak the language? i doubt it :<

EpiC Failures Putting The Decals on my HG 1/144 00 quanta

YEs.. i admit it.. I'm terrible in using these kinds of decals.. cuz i have to like cut it.. and paste it =_=" well.. there's still the remaining more for the GN Saber IV which i somehow i don't have it T^T"

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Final Review

THis will be the Final Review of the custom :) I posed this with the Funnels Flying which basically I used Strike Freedom FBM's Dragoon Funnel Stands.. i had to adjust and shorten and flatten some parts to fit the Funnels... some didn't so i had to make some holes and some i deepen it.. 1 more review is on facebook where i did to Modes "Click this Album to see the last few pictures". so I made 2 or 3 modes for this Badass Mobile Suit. 

MY B.U.M and MA VANS :)

Diorama with Zaku II

Nothing much really... all i just did was using the previous Diorama with Cherudim Custom.. Not really a big deal.. i took another photo of this but i just haven't upload it yet on my iPhoto

Friday, April 22, 2011

Chain by Back-On

Cherudim Weapon's Test Type Review Part 3

Not so much as a Diorama hehehe ==" but i manage to succeed in making this :) this is the 3rd Review with the Diorama. Hope You Like this :)

been awhile since i last updated my blog.... i've got no more things in my mind to post..(except for this shit :P).. Can't wait to get to Singapore XD and Danga City Mall sells some hobby stuff that is gonna be very useful for me in the future. Hope they have Top Coat Spray, time to see my Gunplas.. not toooo Shiny :)
I'm Seriously bored with your boring Chats on Facebook =_=" almost like everyday u have to chat with me.. talking about the same things =_="

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cherudim Weapon's Test Type (edited Picture)

Cherudim Weapon's Test Type Review Part 2

This is the 2nd review of the Cherudim Custom :)Will Take More Shots of it Soon.... And i'm going singapore Next week YAY!! >:D As usual Gunpuras for mE nyahahahahahahhahahahah XD Hope i can get 2 GUnplas XD MG Deathscythe and MG Red Frame Kai :)

Cherudim Weapon's Test Type Review Part 1

Finally finished this Custom. Took like 3 days ( cuz delay.. going back and forth my life SUcks :P). Sprayed painted it, glued and Added 1/144 parts too. Also used one Decal part from Freedom Gundam MG :) heheehee  this is just the First Review