Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fall Of Cybertron Voyager Class Grimlock

Finally after months on hunting, I finally got this Cybertronian T-Rex. MUTha Bucking GRIMLOOCCCCCK!!!! RRRROOOOOOOAAAARRRR
went to singapore yesterday so did some figure hunting, Grimlock isn't the only thing i bought ;) still not too sure why there were no grimlocks being stocked in Malaysia. i Guess the suppliers haven't bought ehm yet.. hmm. my first thought was to buy the Takara Tomy, then i was like.. Naaaah

maybemightpostonthis. MAYBE.. i'll see first :)
was actually thinking to buy the Beast Hunter Shockwave, but i'll just pass.. for now. hehe. i wanna wait for Springer first >w<. okayoftopic

i'll just do a quick review for this figure.
Figure is quite good though,  Grimlock is a pretty big figure for a voyager
here's the size comparison with FOC Deluxe Optimus and Voyager United Ultramagnus
Don't worry, he will be clean.. for now. until i return to KL wanna give Grimlock some touch ups and weathering it as well. alsoworriesaboutresultsomfg.

anyways. the shoulder joints which is run by swivel and ratchet which is very tight and it makes you think you are gonna break the shoulders off, so i was quite worry on that. 
the head runs on ball joints but it has limited spacing to look up and down, but it is able to look 360* pfft.. no shit xD
not to mention the Head has Light pipings 8'D things that i love about Transformers are their light pipings, makes the TF look attractive especially in photography.

another thing i like about the FOC Grimlock is the LED Features hasbro provided
tsundere grimlock XD

with the dino head in the chest, when you turn the switch, the chest lights up and highlights the "Lightning Strike Coronation" logo on the chest. 

accesories, well This grimlock, hasbro somehow gave him a  small shield
apparently the shield is too small for grimlock. in the game it's kinda big like covers the whole arm.

also i love the Sword, it's small but it's kinda okay for the size though. there was add on for this figure i saw in Seibertron. it showed a head replacement and sword replacement which is kinda long .__.

Moving to his Dino form 
gotta love the t-rex mode :3. though it doesn't do much. it's soo stiff ._. if only the head could move pretty sure Hasbro could make the head articulated ._.
also for  a voyager.. the T-rex mode makes look like a deluxe class ( .__.) it's the same size the Cybertron Dino Megatron. but yea. i'm okay with this one.. since i'm more to the Robot mode XD 

well that's about it for FOC Grimlock. Thanks for Viewing :)

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