Friday, December 28, 2012

Bruticus small mods

it's nothing much really. just a small minor mod and random add- on to it.. lolol. so i really really hate that karate chopping hand that hasbro gave for Vortex's arm mode... >_< so decided to remove it and replace it with one of my old MG Gunpla scraps

so first version was like this

i just tried to squeeze the ball joint between the peg holes in vortex's legs.. but it turned out be little loose

so try to be creative.. and this came in :3
but using the pc parts from the gunpla scraps i still have and thank God the hand fits the hole.. the operation was a success. but for transformation.. it's not gonna rotate to the back like it used to.. noo.. it's gonna be removed.. REMOVED!!!! it's attachable and detachable..

another one when i was going through tfw2005... one guy used one of Beastmachine Drone's parts.. .on blastoff's arm mode.. so i was thinking.. i don't really have any BM.. right now.. long gone ;(
so used DOTM Voyager Ironhide's weapon instead.. used the back part of the gun.. and it went great!
only flaw to this.. is that .. i wasn't really sure how to make it stay at it's place.. without falling off :(
if you have any. .do comment down below :)

also thinking to give him another hand.. but still planing on how it's gonna be.. so i'll see what i can do :3

that's all for this post.

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