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FOC Combaticons

Finally completed collecting the Fall of Cybertron Combaticons. Used to complain about it.. but getting it .. incase of any third party upgrades.. knowing these kinds of things might happen ..since these Combaticon figures really need some major upgrades.. :L Hopes for Fansproject upgrades :3. it's also funny is that their Vehicle mode looks way better than the robot mode.

Anyways, in this post i'll be talking about the 5 members of the Combaticons starting with the leader Onslaught to Brawl, Swindle,Vortex and BlastOff. Combaticons are my favourite team combiners through out the transformers series especially the G1. eventhough it's a 1980's show and i'm 1993 i still would watch it as i find it really interesting which is 3xtimes better than Bayformers :L.

So for the first review is Onslaught, the Leader and the Main body of Bruticus Maximus

for this figure.. i kinda like the front chest piece >__>.. other parts.. feel kinda off... i really love the head sculpture pretty accurate to the game. it's got some nice details too it which is good for a cybertronian commander. 
also made a figure meme out of it lololol xD and it matches XD. though i wish the figure was slightly bulkier and the arms could had been little bit bigger.
here we have the robot mode

customized it by following the one from tfw2005 and it's way better than the default gun Hasbro gave. good thing i have the classics Starscream and since i don't really like that figure >,>. so decide to use it's weapon and the rockets keep popping off.. i had to use UHU glue to make it stay at it's place.
Articulations.. he can't really move much as the shoulders run on swivel joints and the elbows are with swivel and ball joints which gives it less pose abilities :( my own opinion.. the shoulders could use ball joints instead of a swivel joint as it still can transform back to vehicle mode and more articulations
and this is the only best pose i could use for onslaught ..
he has some waist articulations but it's because turning into bruticus so the waist will turn
another flaw to this figure.. 
is this part of the figure 
the backside expose bruticus's head and feels really hallow which makes onslaught really skinny.
i'll rate onslaught probably 7/10 .. (in my own point of view that is)

Vehicle mode
there were 2 choices on how you want the rockets to be placed since it could be pegged to the hand and the default weapon hasbro gave

not sure which looks better but i think the first one  since the 2nd one has the gun pointed down and feels weird lolol..
not even the vehicle mode could hide the robot parts :( what i remembered Shapeways has made an upgrade weapon for onslaught.. but it's just a weapon.. not sure if it will make any difference :L
so that's the end for Onslaught

Now moving on to...
suppose to talk about this one first because brawl was my first combaticon.. ah well.. so anyways.. among the other 4 combaticons brawl is one my favourite figures it's accurate and very well engineered figure. only downside to this figure is that it can't really stand on it's own 2 feet :(

it takes total patience to keep him still and steady . hurdur.. but over all it's a pretty nice figure 
Brawl has got some neat articulations which gives him plenty of poses 
head piece runs on ball joint which is good :3

on the other hand, he does have this form where he transform in to a turret 
not accurate to the game.. but it's close enough

vehicle mode which is a cybertronian tank
i really love his tank mode, small and some how kawaii at the same time >,> the turrets are able to turn 360 because brawl is the left leg for bruticus and the gun is gonna need 2 rotate to 360.

short one for brawl hehe but it's a good figure i recommend buying this figure.. and he's the smallest combaticon (in toy form of course)

next is 

bought this figure couple of days ago at jusco hehe. This figure is not bad though, doesn't have much details but when i started doing some weathering touch ups.. the details came up.. lol..he's also the right foot of Bruticus and a weapons dealer. was also thinking to paint up his tyrs with some purple since his box art and the game has some glowing purple coming out from the tyres but i'll do that when i go to the art store.
one thing about this figure, is that it has that same hollow issue like onslaught front has armor while the back exposed frames.. wtf.. i mean swindle really a nice and awesome figure but the back side.. ermergard..
oh also if you're wondering why are there hands under he's feet is because
you can also have your bruticus change into Ruination.. but it looks pretty silly.. probably why it's called "RUIN"ation.. lol..

articulations is notbad.. but there's still some pieces that get in the way so swindle won't be able to stretch out more. the waist for that connects the legs could had been a little wider and the feet could use some ball joints.. that way he gets more pose-abilities

my favourite part of swindle is his vehicle mode which is really accurate and brings out the combaticon in him.if i painted the wheels i bet it would look even better instead of plain black.
that's all for swindle

next post is 

and bought 2 more Combaticons today so i'll start off with blast off first, if i'm not mistaken, G1 Blastoff is the smart one? something like a scientist in a military .. not too sure.. lolol. but he's an okay figure. love the shoulder pads and the chest piece though. he's third form is bruticus's right arm which is a flamethrower

he holds these 2 pistols which looks pretty cool and it makes Blastoff a bad-ass decepticon.. yeahh

this is one part i don't like to pose with Blast off..since the shoulders do not really lock into place.. and the arms and the shoulder are connected.. and when it moves.. it makes blast off look weird :/

The cybertronian rocket looks neat and awesome design too. and blastoff is a shell former.. didn't take a photo of it.. lol.. 

the Last member of the combaticon
another haul i got along with blastoff and this is Vortex.this is kinda odd figure.. >__>"
pretty skinny and very.. well odd..

why i say is weird.. is that vortex looks more like a gladiator than a combaticon ... sadly hasbro has his propellor at the wrong place.. they should had placed at the back.. but the tail of the helicopter is occupying it. ;; sigh*

but love his daggers though which makes it more convincing to get  hehe.. ^^". urgh..

yeah he has some nice pose abilities as he has waist articulations and moaar ball joints 8'D
the optics painted looks pretty cheap quality paintings :L... just saiyan..
Vortex is the left arm of bruticus and acts as the Shield and some sort of cutter for bruticus. hehehe ;) first image tells you

for his vehicle mode is a cybertronian helicopter.. but i like to call it the Mosquito-copter. Why?
because it looks like a mosquito ..
couldn't find any alternatives on how to turn it into jet mode.. if you do. do leave a comment :)

Messin around with the propellor hehehehe xD

that Covers up the members of the combaticons.. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST!

as i mentioned before. Bruticus is one of my Favourite Decepticon combiners.. follow up by Predaking, Menasor and Devastator. apparently the Decepticons have the best Combiner designs compared to the autobots. now with the Fan mode from tfw2005 this makes bruticus slightly shorter because of the leg mod of swindle and brawl..and making him stand straight.. is kinda hard.. :L but as long he still remains bulky is absolutely fine..

with the connectors joint from the parts of the combaticons.. it's pretty tight as it makes those clicks sounds.. and onslaught's shoulders moves more than the arms of BlastOFf and Vortex :L

he's actually pretty big. sorry didn't take snap shots to compare with 1/100 gunplas and 1/8 scale kamen rider.... haiz..
moment when you realize the blastoff's fan arm mod.. makes it look pretty messed up.. hurp derp.
articulations.. it takes total patience.. because it's not easy keeping him steady.. with the fan mod legs :L

Conclusion.. the combaticons.. are not soo bad.... figures... just needs some upgrades.. that's all
but bruticus form is really nice wish they gave him fist for vortex's arm mode.. :(..

so anyways that's all for this POst

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