Friday, April 6, 2012

Beginning Gundam D WIP2

here's an update post for The Beginning Gundam D. haven't fully finished the leg part yet though. panel line and the knee pad has to be painted.. sigh*..  little lazy today.. rainy weather =o="

For some reason something is telling me to paint the chest to have the color blend in with the other parts .
and i really hope it doesn't rain tomorrow ==" and maybe after class i could give the Providence's parts some spraying >:(

added dragoons to the back skirt. its still a mess for the back skirt but i'm gonna fix it tomorrow with Tamiya Basic Putty
used Beginning 30 Gundam's Back pack and cut off a runner part to create a peg. then i used one of Sinanju's third party Bazooka, drilled a hole and placed it where the peg is :) to make a back pack cannon ^^

also plated the gap of the dragoon holder. don't wanna leave it plain xD 

so that's the end of the post. will try to update more ^^ 
and see what else i can put. he needs a rear weapon aswell.


  1. wow, that actually looks goood :D

    Beginning D looks nice a blocky :3

  2. thanks ^^ haha yeah xD kinda like D than the first one and 30. xD i can say D and J has nice designs ^^