Saturday, April 7, 2012

Beginning Gundam D Completed

finished building the Beginning Gundam.though i did screw up the paint job on the funnels .-.; well the point is that i tried and i learn from my mistake. my mistake was.. not using Masking tape -_-.
well i am impress with the mods i made. I really like the design for Beginning D and that's why i've decided to give him some mods. also i need to practice more on Light colors =/. the back pack of the funnels i sprayed it too thick >_<" and i can't undo D:

Front view

Rear View

Beam Rifle

also repainted Providence's Arm Saber  to white which i some how succeeded -_-"
i was trying to see if i could pull of a color tone 
like Blue to white....

also used runners to make stands for the funnels ^^
and green was a pretty good choice :3

and last but not least the the hand with the 3 beam sabers . painted it ;)

i think that's it for the post ^^ (why am i hearing bad comments in my head D':)

thanks for viewing ^^

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