Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beginning D Wip01

bought 2 Model kits today and decided to do some kit bashing ;) after viewing one of the Beginning Gundam Custom. quite usefull and i must say, that Providence/Legend parts goes well with Beginning D
So here's my Progression so far. will try to keep an update :)

was testing something so decided to do a small experiment on beginning J (since they're both seemingly the same) to see if the Providence's Beam saber fits and the Experiment was a success. so tried again on Beginning D's Arm but did a little cuts so it doesn't go off balance.


cut out the middle plate of the beam saber so it will give some space for the arm to have an easier excess 
also i hope and i mean really hope tomorrow's weather is good. because i'mm agonna need to spray Providence's parts white :<

made a quick build of the waist from Providence to convert it into a back pack =) also added some triangular Platings(which i used spares from beginning j's runners). ^^

also made a peg for the Funnel ;)
tested it on the Beginning D and it was a success =3. 
well that's the end of the Post
To Be Continued..
Stay TUne for the next post^^

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