Saturday, March 3, 2012

HG GPB 1/144 Beginning Gundam J Completed

Finished completing  beginning gundam J and also did the touch ups =3. I really love this Kit. Enjoyed Building it and Painting it as well ^^. Similar to the rest of the beginning gundams. except this one is red has to big blades, 2 hands that can hold 2 swords. So far, I Find this way better than the first version and Beginning 30. Maybe next is D. but i need to get Zeydra first ^^
this model reminds me of Sword Impulse+Beginning.

Front view

Rear View


Actions and Gimmicks
wanted to paint the hands but i've decided to leave it unpainted.
use your imagination ;) pretend its like GOD Gundam's God Finger attack
there's  a connector that connects the blades.
if you're wondering why this picture is here is that i'm customizing the AGE-2.
so for now.. is just the knee part. maybe the edges of the wings painting it Green =)
So Stay tune for the post ^^

That's the end of the post ^^

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