Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gundam AGe-2 Custom WIP02

today's Progression for this. Custom. Posting 2 Pictures to compare which is better.
the one with a GN SWord III or the Original Gun.
don't know which to choose because both Weapons looks good on it ><
2nd thing was whether to make it still transformable or not =/.. grrrrr ><

painted the edges of the wings with green =3
How typical 00 of me 
Le me add le rocket pack from HG Astrea TYPEF2

Jet mode

Comment below to suggest (just write 1 or 2 or other mods you can suggest^^) 


  1. Thrusters at leg in Strider Mode would look better. =)

  2. hmmmm maybe i can find some extra thrusters from my old broken down models

  3. i tried to make the thrusters idea too.. i ended up using the blue part and put in another position so that it'll be slanted(the bottom end of the blue piece closest to the feet will be cemented to the upper part of bottom leg) hope u got my point sir XD

  4. looks like we're thinkin the same things xD

  5. cant wait to see the finished product XD

  6. hehe for now it's still pending because i'm all out of parts XD
    and maybe i'll don't make this one a transformable MS