Thursday, December 15, 2011

DOTM Voyage CLass: ShockWave

Here's the Post for the Transformers3 Dark Of the Moon Voyage Class ShockWave
Finally got this dude. hehehe last box that was in stock ^^. so quickly grabbed it and Paid before someone else could get it >:). Transformation hmm its not bad. I Like how the Design is. But G1 and THe WFC versions is still my fav ;) This is really Worth Buying ^^ Get it now since its on Christmas Sale ;) really Love Christmas Sales!!!!!!

Here's small Video of WFC ShockWave

The WFC Design is really nice! some sort of Hover Fighter. Really hope they would make THis FIgurine. Especially YOU TAKARA TOMY!! PLEASE MAKE FoC GRIMLOCK AND BRUTICUS!!!

Moving on.
Just Finished Weathering Shockwave to give it a Dirty Battle Damage like the movie :)
Used MR Color Silver & Acrylic Paints to weather it ^^

My Sequence on Painting Starts from Silver>Black>Silver>Brown>Black>Silver. hehe =)

Vehicle Mode:

Love the Vehicle Design. Really looks Menacing>:) just realized that i've got like 4 Tanks among my Decepticon Collections. WFC MEgatron,G2 Megatron,Straxus and Shockwave O_O lol Probably the next one i wanna get is BoomShock & the Combaticons.

This Figurine has some great Articulations. sadly the waist doesn't do 360º turns =/
So far. this is the only Best Pose i can do =/
He's got a blade on the left arm


THis is the mechtech weapon. Shockwave's Blaster opens up. now unlike other Mechtech weapons. this one has a peg so that the Weapon can stay Opened. Like Fire Burst Optimus' Axe MechTechweapon.

That's the End Of the Post~
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  1. hi there... you said: "do leave a comment ;)" so i’m doing just that LOL... by the way, if you don’t get some comments it must be for the holidays... nice shockwave figure there... i’m still trying to figure out how you get the money to buy so often =P LOL again... cheers

  2. haha yesh holidays ;) naw i wouldn't mind not getting comments every post ^^

    its a trade Secret ;)