Friday, December 16, 2011

Transformers takes over Gunpla :(

Seems nowadays i'm buying Transformers and not gundams.. not that i'm quitting gunpla building nawww. I'm not So Sure why has Transformers been poisoning me More than Gunplas. Gunplas only now is a few that Poison me =/ not getting my head in the game when building. OMG><
Transformers all i can do is just do Weathering TOuch Ups (for now).

still haven't  bought any MG-Figure Rise yet.. sad FangJoker is lonely =(

somehow i kinda need my Gunplabuilding back online again...

oh yeah i kinda like new upcoming 2012 Game Releases

It looks good. Cyborg Raiden seems rather over powered xD 
can't imagine if he was in SRW XD over kill!!
also its good they changed the concept of the game. 
probably less stealthy ?

For Fall For Cybertron.. Optimus looks less Buff like in War For Cybertron. WHY DID U KILL SOUNWAVE!! >:( 
man that Starscream got Falcon Punched from Ironhide xD 

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