Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Post no. 1001. Gundam F91 Part II

This is the 2nd Post for F91.

been awhile since i last updated on gundam Posts in this blog ..... Too many Transformers had been poisoning me >_< Mostly on the G1 .okay going off topic
 here's some pics on the F91 redecaled the destroyed decal =.= and it has a little big of... torn =="
 also  added some decals to it ^^
Enjoy the pics ^^

Love this pose a lot ^^

End of the POst .Thank You For Viewing ^_____^


  1. Christiam Alberto Guzmán LagunNovember 17, 2011 at 12:12 AM

    i love the F91 design and even its smaller size (compared with other MGs) but i have a problem when the mechas have too much white on their armors, that’s why i prefer the Harrison Madin version (which i own)... that stand base is very nice too =)

  2. hehe the shortest mg eva xD. yeah gotta agree with you.. gundam.. too white is kinda.... plain =/ and yes Harrison Madin ver.. looks nicer. was suppose to get shenglong though so that i can have the third one,, and carry on to sandrock and heavy arms =/