Tuesday, November 15, 2011

G1 Optimus Prime WIP I

something random cuz me so bored
this could be my first attempt on a Repaint for Transformers. I wish to make him Nemesis Prime or Ultra MAgnus problem is the Autobot/Decepticon Logos =/. How else am i gonna  do a Sticker or Decal for it? wonder going to a Printing Shop works?
well what i'm doing now is doing touch ups on the Optimus Prime. and Maybe do some other stuff with the Optimus Prime.

painted the hips as well with Silver. gonna add little black tomorrow =3
Painted the FOrhead. it used to be yellow.. but that wasn't Optimus color when i was doing some Research
Here's My Progression So far.. had to  Unscrew loads of parts.. my Biggest Nightmare is Losing the Springs.. i need some thing to hold the Body.. cuz its kinda annoying for the body turning 360 All  the time =/...

okay i removed the Annoying button the.. now its gonna turn 360 like non stop.. .. now what i'mma gonna do? Drill a hole>Cut Out Runners and Use ehm? hmmm Not a Bad Idea

Mini Table.. SO messy xD
also did some dry brushing on the knees.. but apparently i must had over done it =-=

Painted the Chairs that's Inside and Painted the stomach with Mr Color Silver

So now gonna think about how to weather silver with Red =/
This is the end of the POst.Oh and also. My Blog hAs Reached 1000 Post ^__^ for 2 years of Blogging it reached 1000.. can believe it takes 2 years for 1000 Posts.. LOLZ. Next Record. 5000 Bwhhahahaa

 Thank Your For Viewing =) 


  1. Wow that was a lot, 1000 posts...... I wonder when I'll achieve that number though hahahaha. :D
    Since we need to disassemble the Transformers to paint it, I find it to be quite hard. :p

  2. hehe yeah 1000 Posts ^^ keep posting everyday ^^

    Yeah/... Transformers has more things to Disassemble -_- then there's the unscrewing of the screws =/