Thursday, November 17, 2011

G1 Optimus Prime WIP2

Here's the 2nd WIP for Optimus Prime. It was a Bright and Sunny Day.. so decide to spray paint the exhaust Fumes of Optimus Prime Located on the Shoulders. Spray Painted it with Chrome Spray. Apparently i've forgotten to take photo when it was Primed ==" yeah before spraying it i used a Primer on the parts. then after an Hr later sprayed it with chrome

Using this Chrome Spray :)

Too Thick =o="
Added little black to it 
Next is.... weathering the body. apparently... its kinda hard to dry brush with silver and red =/
maybe i need to repaint the reds first? GIve a Suggestion on the DISQUS

This is the End OF the pOst~~~ 

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