Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gespents MK II Completed part I (sort of..)

Finally completed the 1/144 Full Scale kit Gespents MKII. took 2 days... or was it 3?
ah well anyways.. here's Pictures of the Completed Gespents MKII.
what can i say? don't know whether to buy another Kotobukiya again.... great... how to buy Altiesen Riese T_T"

and looky i found the missing piece.. ^_^. turns out it ended up on the other side of the table ==".. damn for small parts

didn't quite do much panel lining though. not that i'm being lazy or anything..

Front View

Rear View

Actions & Gimmicks: hmm for this .. Ball Joints are holding the legs.. so i can't do much dynamic POses. Prefer if was like a Rod type where it can go 90 degrees. Here are some Pictures for Action & Gimmicks:
Beam Rifle √
Beam Saber √ 
Going Kung Fu on you √
uhmm.. forgot what's this pose named again >< X

Comparing with Gunpla

I'm using JEsta as a reference because i was wondering..hmm Gespents looks kinda bigger for a 1/144 scale.. so tested the experiment.. 

we're the same hahahahahaha Bro Fists*

 ^__^. not really sure whether on getting another Kotobukiya or not..... meh.... ><"

Till the next Post. might do one more or 2

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