Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gespenst MK II Part II

Here's the 2nd post of the 1/144 Gespents MKII. manage to do some Dynamic Poses... i think -_-"

anyways.. i can't beat Bd77's battle scenes xD.
Lazy to do the pop up clouds...
When my Bandai Models Gives a Warm Welcome to Kotobukiya

Kamen Rider: Howdy! Points*. Saa Omae No Tsumi Kazearo
Gundam: Hello and welcome to.........
Ignore the Mister Potato...... xD maybe he's a Transformer In Disguise xD
Small Beam Saber vs Big Beam Saber xD

I'mma gonna keep this head.. bwahahahahhahahahhahahha

and so it begins

End of the Post. Will Put Up PArt III for Gespents ^__^