Sunday, November 13, 2011

G2 Megatron II

Did some Random Shooting with MEgatron outside of my house since there's daylight and nice weather and something to post before SPM Retake.

among the photos i've taken i kinda like this one. very Stealthy even though i  do not know how to paint camo style =/ not Airbrush to do it though.. don't know about hand painting it xD ah well
after taking couple of Pictures with Megatron. ... He Really Blends in with the background. bwhahahah what an awesome choice i made ^^. 
Also realized after doing weathering touch ups on MEgatron.. it also blends it with the background ^__^ bwhahahaa now He needs More Grunts. hmmm wonder whom to get next?

This is the end of the post.
Wish Me luck For ma Exams TOmorrow .


  1. you should make him silver or gray light in the generations... i don't like this color green haha

  2. i saw some repaints on google pics when i was doing some research hahaa. yeah love the green on megatron too.
     wish i knew how to repaint Transformers.. cuz i'm not sure how to remove parts from it