Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cyclonus Part III

as i said on the MEcha X Rider onFacebook i'll upload the pics so here they are ^__^

was a dirty job.. had to make the acrylic a bit watery then used a big brush to spread it.. then used cloth to wipe. but do not why wipe all drag up and down :)
I love on what i've done to the wings :)
i think if keep doing this i can restart my gunpla life again which means by getting JEsta :D its either gonna be hand painted or SPrayed :D 
can't wait to get it. it arrived but now kinda broke ==" so need moneh $$$


  1. What brand is it? i really like to have one and customize it!~
    nice weathering!

  2. Hasbro Brand :)

    Takara Tomy was abit expensive :(
    customizing hehe maybe the head change? haha or other partsthanks :) had to use Acrylic paint