Thursday, October 6, 2011

Begining Gundam Custom WIP3

If you're thinking where is WIP2? its in the other blog :P No Questions ask
Anyways.. here's my progression for today.. haven't touched this dude in like a week due to assignments and Team Fortress 2. I had to spray one part of the shoulder because it was sunny for awhile then saw dark skies.. grrrr. so this is gonna be a WISP .oh and I also used GNHW parts which i found :)

Not quite sure whether to mod the face... still thinking so i'mma gonna have to draw it out :3

i got the gun from the GM parts.

What cha guys think of it ? 

  • Slim
  • Fat
  • needs more weapons 8D
  • i think its good
  • Your own Opinion

Link for WIP2

Do leave your suggestions on the comment section below ^_^ so i can improve on this kit :)

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