Sunday, October 14, 2012

2 Hauls for this month

Haven't been updating my blog in 4weeks now. so here's a quick update on my current loots as i posted them into my other blog [Link]

also added the posts to the right side to my blog but i'm just posting this anyways :)
Age-FX post
Battle Tanker Post

Click any one of the two pics to view the posts ^^ 
just a short post anyways hehe and pinkie is like "what the f**K man!?!"

Also Created a Deviant Arts Account there, so if you have one , You "watch" my profile :3
I post mostly on Toy Photography and Digital Arts. Pretty interested in Digital Drawing nowadays right after watching some speed paints of MLP >,> and the addiction to using Adobe Illustrator many Months ago >___>
Click the Image to go to my profile 
Don't worry i actually drew this picture
used Paint Tool Sai for this 

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