Sunday, January 29, 2012

Toy Photography 4

here's a 3rd Post for Toy photoGraphy Photographed by Me :D
Aperture 5.6-7.1
Shutter speed 1/125-1/4000
ISO used 100 & 400
Camera Nikon D3100
DOTM Ironhide,HUnt for the decepticons: Optimus Prime, DOTM Bumblebee,DOtm Sideswipe and DOTM RoadBuster.

First few batches is trying to take photos with water as a base :3 i did it once.. but just lazy to post it :P but its on Facebook if You have me add me :). really proud on what i've done ^^

Next Batch is Driving through a dangerous Cliff

That's the end of the post :)
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  1. Very nice pictures...

    I want DSLR too uguuu lol

  2. Thanks :D 

    well just like Bd77 Said"Patience is needed" ^^