Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gespenst MK II Custom

Here's the Post for my Very First Kotobukiya Custom Build Gespenst MK II
Photographed by~ Khaidir Semail
Aperture 5.6
Shutter Speed 15
ISO 1600
Lens Used=18-55mm

Finally finished the whole thing.. i think.. because due to the missing parts.. sigh*... but i think i've done a great job for this kit :3
Took me 5 days for this custom :3
Concept came from Kyoske's Gespenst MK II ^^ but i've decided to make mine black and not red ;) 

Actions And Gimmicks. Click the Pictures to Enlarge :)

This is the End of The Post. Hope You Enjoyed it ;)


  1. Congrats for finishing your first mod!
    I like the concept, melee and long range without having to carry big weapons :D

    but in terms of finishing you can still improve a lot, just my 2 cents ^^

  2. Hey! thanks Bro :D hehe yup thanks to your Motive and Kyoske's Gespenst MKII made me wanna custom this gespenst hehe ^^  first planned wanted to have it with a huge gun xD but i decided not to ;)