Wednesday, December 21, 2011

RG 1/144 Freedom GUndam WIP 01

OHAIYO DESU!~ was back from Singapore last night.. Awesome Sales... 8D and got myself 2 Gunpla kits :) one was the MG 1/100 RX78 Gundam Ver 2.0 the grandaddy of all Gundams and this one ^^ was actually gonna look for this guy>
but some how Singapore was against me buying Transformers == mostly see the same DOTM.. kinda getting bored of it =3= i wanz GENERATIONS!!!!! ><
I WANT!!!! D:

Anyways here's the first WIP for this kit.. decided to start early ;) been raining for these couple of days ><

started from the waist first. hehehe the sequence from the manual went from Legs>Waist>Body>Arms>Head>Backpack/Wings
So i started off with the waist ^^
Haven't panel line them yet. I wanna do it when i finish it =) hohohohohohohohohohohoho.
Lets hope this RG is not a let down :)
Still can't feel my legs after yesterday ><
ah well.. WIP 2 maybe this afternoon. me thinks ;D or either that i'll multitask both model kits.. can't imagine if i mixed the parts up xD 

That's the end of the Post~

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