Thursday, December 22, 2011

MG 1/100 RX78 Gundam WIP 01

decided to start off with the RX gundam. hehehehe so far i just finished the Core Fighter xD. Really love the design ^^ and iz the GRANDADDY OF ALL GUNDAMS!, oh and also Photobucket is Available again xD. also i've finished with the RG Freedom. its right under this post.

just did some panel lining. had a hard time placing the
top fin. nearly broke it though lucky there was critical conditions xD
and Look an Unpainted Amuro Ray xD
Not really pro in Micro Painting.. so i'mma gonna leave it.
Thrusters painted it with Silver marker. Before placing them 
Hand Painted them with marker ^^

well before i will start anything.. decide to give some parts a little painting ;) with Silver and GOld.
TO Give it that mechanical effect. 
i still find the gold rather like the Gundam marker. pale >_<
Can't wait to start building this tomorrow ^3^.
End of the post~ =)

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