Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DOTM MechTech: StarScream

2nd Haul for this Month. HOHOHOHOHOHO! ^O^ bought the Deluxe Class DOTM: StarScream. so far this is so bad though.. well i do need more decepticons.. probably i have like 8 Autobots? can't remember.. since this is the 13th Transformer that came in yesterday :3. probably now i have to 2 more of Starscream's Clones.. ThunderCracker and Skywarp. Also Just Realized that the Movie StarScream isn't Obsess in Being a Decepticon Leader O_O Strange.. LOLZ.

the F22 Raptor Jet Plane

So far i haven't done any weathering yet.. hehe because of Exam Next week so i don't have time for at the moment.. gonna prepare everything A.S.A.P. Don't wanna fail again.
i Like the Tatoo of the Plane.. really nice. 
Sad part the waist doesn't do 360º Articulations

Alien Writing on the Knees ^v

MechTech Weapons

both Mechtechs becomes a long Blade

Used the GUndam Stand to hold the Jet.. sadly i can't hold for Robot Mode =/

This is the End of the POst~ Will post up more maybe the week After. =)

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