Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WFC:Megatron Part IV

For this post.. i did was made Megatron even more darker.. lolz.. from white to black... xD  anyway. i bought a very tiny pointy brush.. so as usual i used acrylic paint.. then i slowly panel lined it using the brush with the purple.. there were smudges.. but luckily i had cotton buds so it was easy to remove 
Painted the laps also.
IF you are Wondering where is Part III? Click this Link
slowly painted the lines on the Shoulders. and also on the chest.

Click the Image to Enlarge to view Closer Details.
Wasn't easy.. Steady hands... hahas. also painted those rings around the gun with Crimson Red.

This is the End of the Reviews for MEgatron ^^
Hope You enjoy ;)
Next Project to repaint is the Straxus after my Exams are over.

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