Monday, November 21, 2011

WFC Megatron PtII

This is the 2nd Post for the Deluxe Class Cybertronian Megatron.
In this post, all i did was giving it some weathering using Acrylic Black,White and Brown. Apparently i forgot to bring the Mr Color Silver along with me = = so the weathering painting is still not done yet.
So far haven't completely weather certain sections... so gonna do ehm later ^^
Anyways here's Some Photos On my Work of the Megatron:
Front View

Rear View

Detail Sections:
used brown to actually give the Rusty Effect 

Action and Gimmick

Vehicle Mode
for vehicle mode. there's 2 modes. One is Hover Craft mode and one is Tank Mode

Hover Mode

Tank mode
Wait for Part III because i painted moore!! xD and looks kinda dirty ;)


  1. Nice touch up. I think some part might overdid it... maybe leave some bigger area with a bit more original white colour?

  2. Thx ^^ yea wait till u see the rest hahaha when i upload PART III 

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