Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gundam F91 WIP II

Here's today's Update WIP For Gundam F91
right after coming back from Prayers, quick change of clothes and continued building up the F91. took a short break and had an Early lunch which was Mushroom Rice and Lamb Curry.. mmmmmmmmm Lamb. .=~=

Hand Painted the chest with marker. goes well with it though.. well to me..

doing up the right arm first. used the nail filer to sand the nubs(after it was trimmed) then used Black Marker to paint it a little bit and used the cotton bud to wipe it =)

Sadly this part of the fingers were not ball joints like the other MGs. don't know whether to Split ehm UP.

Should I or Should I not Separate?
So for the timing i'll just put ehm like this first. and think whether to Separate or not Separate the fingers =/

Added the "F" Decal first since it's easier to review xD
2nd Decal fail ! T_T" it keeps coming off when i was placing it with Selofin(or however its spelled) tape
RAWWRR T__T" lucky there's one more.. but kinda lazy to remove it and placing it =P
Here's my progression so far. Will continue later cuz now little bit tired =)
wanna rest first haha don't wanna get this done to soon or i'll got nothing to do ><
i can say this is a Simple Design. kinda like it ^__^
To be Continued....................................................

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  1. I will soon have a f91 decal set avaliable for you to print (your own on waterslide decal paper) if you need it.