Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gespents MK II WIP2

Painted those cylinder sections with red.. and now there's smudges coming out
here's today's WIP2. did the waist first this time..before doing the shoulders and arms.. LOL
kinda lazy nowadays.. haiz.. not good.. need to get my head in the game again ><


using this brand MR D.I.Y
no its not a jap brand..
bought it in a DIY store in Tesco XD

painted the blast fews.or whatever its called xD

Beam Saber.. this came with .. 5 Beam sabers.. lol maybe others as spares..

Missing Piece..why?.. as i was placing it.. it came off and flew somewhere =,="" great.. now how am i gonna replace this...

Left arm finished.. sort of ==" missing part.. RAWRR FFFUUU!

ah well.. this is reupdate on the  post


  1. blast? heheh it's called thrusters bro

  2. i just remembered the name when i was in the toilet doing business XD

  3. wtf.. thanks anyways... anonymous fella using my name =="