Friday, November 11, 2011

G2 Megatron

Here's the Review of the Anonymous Decepticon Tank. He's name from the title . yes the Leader of the Decepticon. MEGATRON! Manage to get him along with the G1 Optimus Prime. it was a 2 in 1 Set as i said on G1 Prime's Post. . THis is a not bad  Figurine. worth Paying 99.90Rm for 2 in 1 rather than the shop i went to. yes can't judge because the Optimus Prime G1 is under Takara Tomy .. just 1 set.. not including Megatron cost 199RM. Among the my Transformers Collection G2 Megatron and G1 Optimus Prime can do some dynamic Poses. if i had small stand for it i think it'll be awesome ^^

Did weathering on the Megatron Using Acrylic Paints and Some Markers well gold actually hahaha.

Touch ups everywhere to make it like war tank .

this is my first Decepticon leader ^^ first Decepticon was Cyclonus so now i have 2 Decepticons. .. need mooreeee xD

the claw rotates 180º. poor guy only have 1 hand to hold a gun. wish i could mod it to have a right hand 
Only a few pictures i managed to Upload because my PhotoBucket has an Uploading Problem =(
But i used another website Photo Uploader. there's actually More. but i've already Placed them on Facebook.
Click Here to view the album ^^ 

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  1. Oh Mighty Megatron, would you like to have a bath?

  2. LOLOL!hmm maybe he needs a Bath once he defeat the Autobots bwahahahahahah he needs an Army Right now since i have a lot of Autobots XD

  3. cool weathering bro!!