Wednesday, November 9, 2011

G1 Optimus Prime

this is the first post for G1 Optimus Prime. Can say this is not bad figurine. did some Panel  Lining on the Figurine cuz it felt plain. haha xD
Design is Simple and nice just like the Cartoon.
i can transform it with my eyes close because it was so bl**Dy easy ;D

My Taughts were doing some weathering on Optimus Prime. but i'm not quite sure if he goes well Unlike the DOTM,ROTF and first Transformers Movie

just love the clear part on the head. which gives that glow when there's light at the back. 50% of Transformers have this. its good for my Photography Assignment ^__^
Vehicle Mode:
The Truck
love the truck design.
simple and Nice as i said. not so complicating like the  other Optimus prime I have. LOLOL

Gun Transform to..uhm.. antenna? Turret? HUD?

G1 Meets Movie meets Gundam

Rodimus Prime/Hot Rod
Optimus Prime G1
Hunt For the Decepticon Optimus Prime

Bro Fists*

This is the end of the post of Optimus Prime
Next is the Anonymous Decepticon Tank 
Polls are still there so vote who's the decepticon 
and Friday I'll Let You Know ^__^
oh and I just Joined M.A.C.  Forums =)

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