Friday, October 21, 2011

Transformers Figures Coming in

OMG! Takara Tomy MasterPiece Starscream with a crown and Cape is coming.. DAMN REally need money nAO ><" that's why i'm finding a JOb.. so gonna have to wait for the Shop Owner's Call. Because he's got one more guy he hired.. and see if he's performance is good.. if no good. .then i'm hired 8D.....

Once i've got enough money i'll get these 2 and maybe some other gunplas ......

anyways..... SO POISONOUS! ><

DOTM: Leader Class Striker Optimus Prime.. ><"
even though this one was out years ago.. or last year.. or 5.. lOL.. i still want this ><"" Shop Sells like 199RM T__T"
That's why i need a Job
JOb> Money> Items =D

really hope i get the job..=/ haven't build any Master Grades For a Long time T_T 2011 definitely not my year =="


  1. HAHAHA... i already have a job but i stiil need money, not to buy more figures but to pay what i already ordered... anyway i hope u will get a job soon man... cheers =)

  2. thx. and lol XD yea don't we all need money XD... Really Hope So i can get the job and i can get my own stuff =3

  3. the last one still available in the market la bro. hehe
    I have 1. =p

  4. hehe saving up for these babes XD