Sunday, October 30, 2011

GPB J Beginning Gundam and Forever GUndam

haven't updated this blog for a week because there's no loots coming in.. and apparently the person didn't call that i can get a Job T_T hurdur..erm anyways.. was browsing through GG's Blog and i saw these awesome designs of the Beginning Gundam and Forever Gundam from the Gunpla Builders J. Really like on what they did for this Hobby Japan Issue...
But i really Salute the forever Gundam Custom... HEAVY WEAPONS GUY!!! XD .. Ah man.. i really wanna do that.. seems by the custom... i can see Hazel, DYnames, Zeta....hmmmmm Heavy Arms? and Sinanju? maybe..haha makes me wanna buy another FOrever GUndam to do this...
Wonder if Bandai gonna make this Forever Gundam in Future Reference?

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