Friday, July 1, 2011

Table Cleaned MK III

Cleaned everthing on the table..well almost everything. Just leaving the models and figurines there for hehe tight security since Tsukinari has he's signature Guard Zulu. so i'll have mine with Beginning 30 Gundam, Side swipe, RG aile Strike and Optimus ^^.

Also took random shots of the figurine since i turned on the night light..cuz it something when wrong with the other ceiling light. lost power XD. so with one light it felt dull zzz.
The Weapon actually has been Modified, puttied and Spray painted. sealed off the holes where the screws used to be. and used Cement to put ehm back. also juz to be safe also puttied a bit. then went outside since it's  a nice day. Sprayed it black. gonna spray a bit of silver tomorrow.

2nd July post 2011

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