Thursday, June 30, 2011

extra touch ups on Sideswipe

Did more touch ups on this figurine ^^. for the chest part is that i had to take off the Lens.... its had to use a Twizzer to get it out =A=.. lucky no scratches and since it has a little bit of the silver sprinkles (cuz when spraying it when through... so used Red MArker. It fused and the red turned metallic ^^  also used gold (sooner or later its gonna turn dull cuz i got no topcoat T^T)


  1. i am admin from,kindly remove the TMNT image on this page.

  2. hello Joekabuto. will remove it. but i have no idea how it got to this page

  3. Thanks Khaidir for cooperation, i have a nice collection. ;)