Thursday, September 6, 2012

Digital Art with Youmu

Okay to start off with my post, this is my first Touhou Character i drew which is Youmu Konpaku, software i used is Paint Tool Sai, and a Kanvus Office 54 Tablet.. so what i did was some small research on Youmu and some references as well, then did a rough sketch with a pencil

next yet use the 1.0 out line pent to trace out her  out and erase the pencil lines out

right after that i exported it into the Paint Tool sai and used the pen tool to trace her out one more time xD only used one layer for Youmu

OKay next, i create number of layers under the trace out layer and start painting with the normal brush tool and start painting xD. took me 2 days to finish this .____."
Killing 2 birds with one stone XD

And the Results :
kinda noobish >,> but Practice makes perfect 8'D been going through loads of Tutorials and speed painting videos lately hehe 

one of my fave Speed paint videos is this one

really love how he/she did the eyes .__." i izz jelleh DX

Also another off topic post.
Here's a video on how to transform Optimus Primal based on my previous post
Click here to view Optimus Primal's Post

So anyways thanks for viewing :) Hope You Like it.
Was gonna upload into DeviantArts. but i kinda forgotten my Username and Password xD 
Do comment on what you think :) i could use some feedbacks to improve more :)

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