Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photobooth MK III

Simple Cheap and absolutely Recyclable that i've decided to remake the photobooth. old one was okay.. but i had to lie down to take photo and never got a chance to use the tripod :|. so now i've made one near my Desktop and it's easier for take a snapshots of my Kits and go to my desktop faster XD.
and also to have the same height as my Tripod, i placed on a printer and a box.. also my old Scrap book

what are the items used?
Table lamp and Ceiling lights
Unused canvas and Black Mounting Board(need a bigger one)
sometimes i use paper or mirror to reflect the lights
and my old College Scrapbook as the base.

gonna tidy the desktop again =="

Here's some of my photos that i've taken off by using the new photobooth
Isos were set 100-200
apertures f9-f10
and Selftimer mode

did a small experiment tonight.
without the Ceiling light i just used the table Lamp
and with the same camera Settings

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