Friday, May 18, 2012

MG1/100 Banshee Gundam WiP01

Here's my WIP Post for the MG 1/100 Unicorn Banshee Gundam ^^. i iz gonna paint the model kit.
so far haven't put all the body parts together yet because i was priming the psycho frames and just repainted with Solid GOld paint.. though it looks more Bronze like .-."
ah well. As Usual my working place is in the kitchen.. hehe how sufficient for me ;)

Sprayed the grey parts as well

just sprayed the V Fins gold just now haven't sprayed the Unicorn Mode Horn yet.
i'm thinking to use those 2 
from the back is the color for the psycho frame. (waist part)
also just gave another coat for the horn, Banshee faceplate and the collar piece

 wanted to use Flat Black..but i'm lazy to go out.. decided to just stick to the normal black spray paint i have. Repainting it.. because.. i don't really like that. Black,Blueish.. color.. 

haven't got to the fixing the thrusters yet. but i just wanted to spray paint them before my metallic black primer and chrome finishes. XD
so sprayed Metallic Primer. and since the weather was nice. dried up pretty fast and then sprayed chrome to it ^^..

well that's about this for this WiP Post. Will continue tomorrow because i'm not in my other house.. ==""
Thank you for Viewing ^^



  1. Wow, it'a MG Banshee jo.

    2 weeks later baru restart ? Seems like you cannot tahan it screams alot. :3

  2. @Eva: eeyup baru start because of Presentation >< so.. have to concentrate on my college works.. ><"" so baru ini start hahahahahaha

  3. I'm really excited to see the final product. Looking good so far. Gonna follow your posts to keep myself updated with this awesome work.

  4. @Bryan: haha So am i XD. THanks Btw :3