Monday, February 27, 2012

Deluxe Class WFC: Soundwave

After for sometime.. I have Finally succeeded on getting this Soundwave. I like this version. Alot.. much better than Micheal Bay's Version =/. designs for this SOundwave is really nice which got me into buying this hehe. now for this version of Soundwave, this one is a Triple changer. Before taking snapshots on soundwave.. i did a little weathering on him.. sadly my silver was not strong enough >_<. need a new one... grrrr.. but i managed to dry brush it with some black paint
WHy did i say he's a triple changer?
maybe this will answer your question
First transformation 1: RObot mode
he has a rocket pod on he's right shoulder

great articulations. ball joint feet and hips, Hands can turn360º 
he's chest piece is able to open. no.. not adding the cassettes
Refers to*: Frenzy, RUmble, Laserbeak, Ravage and Ratbat
(there are more.. but kinda forgotten)
he needs a third party cassette sets =/ but i don't think they're able to fit inside because the gap is kinda small
reason why he can't have the cassettes inside is that this stores in the weapons.

2nd Phase: Vehicle Mode

THe cybertronian armored vehicle for soundwave is not bad though.

there peg holes to add he's weapons

Final Phase: BoomBox mode
Here's his 3rd Formation. how Soundwave suppose to be 
a Boombox
Let's Boogie xD 
hope i could really get more decepticons.. hehe got poisoned by couple of transformers. xD
HailStorm looks poisoning . .. also hopes for the shop to sell G1 Thundercracker and G1 Skywarp.. ma Starscream is lonely.. :foreveralone: Bahahahahahhahahahhaha time to expand my Decepticon Army!!

That's the end of the post =)